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How to Highlight, Copy & Paste Data


First Highlight the text / area you want to copy to the email or some other document

Hold down the control key and hit the "C" key ONCE

OR you can go to the top of the window  @ then Menu toolbar, now click on Edit  (or keys alt + e ) then drop down to Copy and click

This will copy the text and / or picture that you have selected into your computer for later use.

Next go to the new document, e-mail, letter, or Notepad, Word, Excel, etc. that you want to place (paste) this data into and place the cursor at the starting location for the copied data. Now the CURSOR SHOULD BE FLASHING IN the window or TEXT BLOCK 

Now hold down the control key and hit the "V" key ONCE (ONLY ONCE as each click will paste a additional copy)

you can go to the top Menu toolbar
or you can got to the top click on Edit drop down to Paste and click
The data should now be copied to it's new location.

How to highlight,

Hold Down left mouse key then drag the cursor to the other side and down or up to highlight the area / text that you want to copy .

Presently all of your data should now be "blue" (or what every color you have your computer set up for)


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