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"How To" burn a  DVD/CD Rom

FYI:  [RW = Rewrite] [R = one time write]

  A DVD/CD-RW will play DVD & CD's and burn (copy or make new) DVD-R, CD-R, CD-RW  

  A CD-RW will play CD's and burn (copy or make new)  CD-R, CD-RW  

  A CD-R will play CD's and burn (copy or make new)  CD-R

  40x means it will process data at 40 time the speed of the normal CD playback speed

Also note that on the computer these photo's were taken from It has a Hard disk drive in both the "C:" & "D:" location and two CD's at "E:" & "F:"

Most computer have only one harddisk drive at "C:"

You can go to "my computer" and see what info is shown for the "D:" drive.


To copy files and folders to a CD

  1. Insert a blank, writable CD into the CD recorder.
  2. Open My Computer.   BurnCD00.jpg (165381 bytes)
  3. Click the files or folders you want to copy to the CD. To select more than one file, hold down the CTRL key while you click the files you want. Then, under File and Folder Tasks, click Copy this file, Copy this folder, or Copy the selected items.

    If the files are located in My Pictures, under Picture Tasks, click Copy to CD or Copy all items to CD, and then skip to step 5.

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  4. In the Copy Items dialog box, click the CD recording drive, and then click Copy.
  5. In My Computer, double-click the CD recording drive. Windows displays a temporary area where the files are held before they are copied to the CD. Verify that the files and folders that you intend to copy to the CD appear under Files Ready to be Written to the CD.
  6. Under CD Writing Tasks, click Write these files to CD. Windows displays the CD Writing Wizard. Follow the instructions in the wizard.



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