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"How To" copy and play a CD and everything you wanted to know.

Types of CD/DVDs

Using CDs

Playing music from CDs

When you insert an audio or data CD into the CD-ROM drive, playback of the CD begins automatically if

  1. The Player is not already in use.
  2. The Player is the default player for CDs.
  3. The Player is the default player for music CDs.

The Now Playing feature is displayed when the Player starts. Now Playing displays the name of the artist and the title of the track, the playlist if available, and a visualization or the Info Center View pane.


  1. To set the Player as the default player for CDs, in the Options dialog box, on the File Types tab, select Music CD Playback.
  2. You can use the Player to play your High Definition Compatible Digital (HDCD) CDs which have a fuller, richer, more enhanced audio quality.

Copying music from CDs

Viewing information about a CD

Creating your own CDs

With Windows Media Player, you can create (burn) your own audio CDs or data CDs (also known as media CDs) from the tracks stored on your computer or in Media Library. Live streams, such as radio stations, cannot be copied to CDs.

You can use the player to create the following types of CDs:

To create a CD, you must have a CD recorder (burner) attached to your computer and a blank CD to which you can copy tracks.

File types that can be copied to CD

You can copy the following file types from the Player to a recordable CD:

Audio quality and compression

The compression quality that you use to copy CD tracks to your computer affects the sound quality of the track, but does not affect the length of the track when copying from your computer to a CD. The better the sound quality you use to copy a track to your computer, the better the sound quality when you copy it from your computer to a CD. If you use the best quality sound to copy a track to your computer, more disk space is used on your computer. Other variables such as the speed of your CD-ROM drive can also affect the quality of the copy.          

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