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AOL instructions

Do NOT forget to unplug your power, Phone wires when you are not using your computer during the Thunderstorm season.

Address Book entry

1. Click on write mail
2. Click on the Address book (Right mid side of screen)
3. This opens a new window (windows name called by your email address)
4. click on button called ADD CONTACT
5. This opens a new window (Contact Details)
6. Make sure that the cursor is flashing in the text window called First Name
7. Type first name hit the TAB KEY
8. Type last name hit the TAB KEY
9. hit the TAB KEY (for title if not used)
10. hit the TAB KEY (for Company if not used)
11. hit the TAB KEY (for Screen Name if not used)
12. Type in E-Mail address (myname@aol.com)
13. Then if 2nd address is available,Type in E-Mail address
14. Select the Primary email address with the Mouse point over the dot window and left click
15. Click on the SAVE button. (window called Contact Details closes

To clean up your e-mail by using the E-mail cleaner ( DownLoad now by clicking  )

1. Highlight the text that you want to remove spaces and >>> from.
2. Find and click on edit drop down to copy and click
3. open Smilie face /cleaner program by click on on it. (usually on desk top or task bar
4. Look in the large text window of the Smilie face /cleaner program to find a flashing cursor. Now you can click on Edit and drop down to Paste click
5. Now click on the yellow smilie face on the toolbars (at the end)
6. Find and click on edit drop down to "copy all" and click. Now go to your new mail or (write mail) and start the new mail.
7. Address and subject
8. click so cursor is flashing in the "text window" then Find and click on edit drop down to paste and click. New cleaned text should appear in the window.

How to save a web page!!


1. Click on FILE in the upper left corner

2. Drop down to SAVE AS and click

3. Select a location such as MY Documents.

4. Change the name of the web page to something such as "chipshot may 1999" otherwise most of the BCCGA web pages will be saved as the same name due to the fact that we use a FRAMES type site.

5. Now click on SAVE in the lower right side of the new SAVE WEB PAGE window.

When a menu has changed color to RED that indicates that that page has been changed.

Do NOT forget to unplug your power and Phone wires when you are not at Home.

AOL Added new contact

1. Click on Write
2. Click on Address book (on the right side of Write Window)
3. Click on New person
4. type in first name the click on TAB
5. type in last name the click on TAB
6. type in email address the click on TAB
7. type in any note you want the click on OK


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