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"How To" for checking for a DVD/CD Rom burner

FYI:  [RW = Rewrite] [R = one time write]

  A DVD/CD-RW will play DVD & CD's and burn (copy or make new) DVD-R, CD-R, CD-RW  

  A CD-RW will play CD's and burn (copy or make new)  CD-R, CD-RW  

  A CD-R will play CD's and burn (copy or make new)  CD-R

  40x means it will process data at 40 time the speed of the normal CD playback speed

Also note that on the computer these photo's were taken from It has a Hard disk drive in both the "C:" & "D:" location and two CD's at "E:" & "F:"

Most computer have only one harddisk drive at "C:"

You can go to "my computer" and see what info is shown for the "D:" drive.

Note You do NOT want a CD disk in the Drive when you try to check the cd-drive

Next to the ICON it should look something like this 

DVD/CD-RW Drive [D:] 

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If you right click on this line you will get a new window 

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Click on Properties

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you will get a new window

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Click on Settings will give you the Drive specifications

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Note The drive show will Read at 40x and will Write at 16x. It will make CD-RW & DVD-R cd's

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